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New LinkPath Features
QR Codes

What you can do with a magazine:

  • read
What you can do with a magazine + QR:
  • read
  • shop online
  • enter a contest
  • sign up for a newsletter
  • watch a video
  • download a recipe
  • and much, much more!
The demand for information is NOW. You can give your readers speed of access through the use of Quick Response, or QR codes. Rather than having to go online and enter a URL or cycle through web pages, your reader can scan a QR code with his/her smartphone and instantly be connected to your digital content.

Visit our booth at the MagNet 2011 Conference for more information about QR Codes and LinkPath. We will be located in the Marketplace:

  • Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 - 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • Thursday, June 9th, 2011 - 8:30am to 5:30pm

LinkPath on the iPad

LinkPath digital editions are coming to the Apple iPad! In keeping with the superior user-experience that LinkPath digital editions are traditionally known for, now you will be able to read your favourite publications on this device with an efficient and user-friendly interface.

Rich Media

Multimedia is an integral part of Internet use today and LinkPath is no stranger to this ever-growing digital phenomenon.

Many of our customers have already taken advantage of the opportunity to use rich media within their LinkPath digital editions. Video can be loaded from anywhere within the digital edition: a customized menu, within a page, or to add a personal touch to your readers' online experience through the use of an introduction.

In traditional LinkPath style, the customer calls the shots with regards to implementation. Send your completed video file and LinkPath will pop it right into your digital edition within the same day. Have a large, unedited video file that you wish to include, but not sure where to start? No problem. Send LinkPath your raw, unedited footage accompanied by instructions on the parts of the video that you wish to use and let LinkPath do the rest!


What good is having a digital edition if no one is reading it?

Offered alongside all LinkPath 3.1 digital editions is the full tracking suite. Get real-time access through your web browser to everything you want to know about your digital edition: Who's visiting? Where are they visiting from? When are they visiting? What type of machine are they using? Which pages did they view? What keywords did they search? All of this and more is available to you through a simple, password-protected login, ensuring that your tracking statistics are kept safe, secure and confidential.

Metrics are also an excellent way to ensure the continuous generation of digital edition revenue. Provide your advertisers with reports on how many readers clicked on their ad logo and/or URL. If they have chosen to post a banner in your digital edition, you can tell them exactly how many click-throughs that banner has received. Proving to your advertisers that their ad is being viewed through the use of specific, accurate and credible tracking reports is just one way of ensuring that they'll continue to advertise in your digital edition.

Customer Profiles

Revenue. An important component of a digital edition for any publisher.

One of LinkPath 3.1's newest digital edition features for generating revenue are Customer Profiles. Profiles that pop-up when a reader rolls over an ad logo or URL within your digital edition provide your readers with instant access to information regarding that advertiser. This translates as preferential and maximum exposure for your advertiser within your digital edition.

Text-Only Option

Sometimes you just want to read the words. The Internet doesn't have to be all about the bells and whistles, all of the time.

Enter LinkPath's Text-Only option. In keeping with a committment to offer the most versatile products and services in the digital edition market, LinkPath's 3.1 digital editions also offer the reader the option to read the article text in a simple, HTML popup - no separate pages to flip or navigate. Just the story you want to read - simple and raw, in an easy to read, printable format.

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