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March 22, 2017
**JUST ANNOUNCED** LinkPath on the iPad
"LinkPath digital editions are coming to the Apple iPad! In keeping with the superior user-experience that LinkPath digital editions are traditionally known for, now you will be able to read your favourite publications on this device with an efficient and user-friendly interface..."
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QR Codes
"The demand for information is NOW. You can give your readers speed of access through the use of Quick Response, or QR codes..."
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"Google" Style Search
"An interface that's practical and familiar to any web user..."
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Rich Media
"Load multimedia components like video and audio from anywhere within your digital edition..."
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"What good is having a digital edition if no one is reading it?"
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Customer Profiles
"Revenue. Placing Customer Profiles in your digital edition is just one way to generate it..."
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Text-Only Option
"Sometimes you just want to read the words..."
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Digital Sponsorship
Digital sponsorships are just one of the many ways you can generate revenue from your digital edition. But, did you know that LinkPath digital editions contain many opportunities for sponsorship outside the traditional use of banners on the launch screen?
"Green" Issue
Traditonally, digital editions have been offered mainly as a compliment to printed hardcopy. We now see a growing trend to digital-only; also known as environmentally-friendly or "green" issues. more
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